Balloon believed rigged with explosives lands in central West Bank settlement

(JTA) – A balloon believed to be rigged with explosives landed in a settlement in the West Bank.

The yellow balloon with Arabic writing on it was found in the central West Bank settlement of Beit Horon on Sunday.

Border Police bomb disposal experts took the balloon for further examination and to detonate the package it carried. No one was hurt and nothing was damaged in the incident.

Hundreds of incendiary balloons and kites have been launched at southern Israel, destroying thousands of acres of woodlands and agricultural lands.

The balloon found on Sunday likely did not come from Gaza, however.

An incendiary balloon landed on Saturday in the yard of Israeli lawmaker Haim Jelin of the Yesh Atid Party in Kibbutz Be’eri, located in the northwestern Negev desert near the border with Gaza.


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