Anti-Semitic, racist fliers found on Princeton campus

(JTA) – Fliers with anti-Semitic, racist and anti-immigrant messages were posted on the campus of Princeton University in New Jersey.

The fliers were discovered in at least four areas of the campus on Thursday, the Daily Princetonian student newspaper reported, including on the door to the main entrance of the campus Center for Jewish Life.

The person posting the fliers was wearing dark clothing and a ski mask, the Daily Princetonian reported.

The fliers were from a white nationalist organization called Vanguard America, which bills itself as a group for “White Nationalist American youth working to secure the existence of their people.”

Among the charges made on the flier: “Jews are 10% of Princeton’s students, an overrepresentation of 500%,” and “80 per cent of the first Soviet government was Jewish.”

The flier also was posted on the group’s Twitter feed on Thursday, the anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s birthday.


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