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  1. Elly Bollegraaf says

    I have been aware for years of the antisemitism that has always present in the Netherlands, though it exists mostly in subdued tones, with the occasional flare up, which then gets publicity. While anti-Israel and anti-Jew should be two different things, in the minds of anti-Semites (and by that I mean anti-Jew) they are all the same, both to be hated.
    Just prior to WWII, more than 10 % of the voting population in the Netherlands had voted for the National Socialist Party, a party that held ant-Semitic views. That was a sure sign that Jews had something to be worried about, before that Germany invaded The Netherlands. The Dutch saved many Jewish people during WWII, but there were also many Jew haters during this same period of time, who handed over Jews to the Nazis, to be taken away to be murdered, while their belongings were plundered, stolen, kept, or sold for a profit by the thieves.
    In our own family my mother discovered after the war when she came out of hiding, that her stored belongings in the home of one particular family were said to having been sold because the people needed the money for food, while in fact the belongings were still in that family’s home. They refused to relinquish them.
    However it also needs to be pointed out that anti-Semitism existed for numerous years prior to WWII. My mother, at the age of 10 or 11, around 1929, submitted a short story that she had written and was published in a Dutch Jewish Newspaper for children, and it exposes the anti-Semitism in The Netherlands that was already known and felt by the young protagonist that she wrote about in her story. My mother at that you young age was totally aware of the situation. (“A fact coming from the mouth of babes!)

    I have a copy my mother’s article, and other items that she had writen and were published. It was provided to me by a friend who had access to the preserved and bound writings by children, who had contributed their stories and thoughts to the Dutch Jewish Newspaper for Children in The Netherlands. You may publish my abve comments in the Ottawa Jewish News.
    Elly Bollegraaf, Ottawa (November 12, 2018 )

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