A quiz show in Argentina asked ‘which country has Tel Aviv as its capital?’ But it didn’t know the answer

BUENOS AIRES (JTA) – A television quiz show in Argentina experienced a confusing moment in the final round of competition when it asked: “Which country has Tel Aviv as its capital?”

With a new car on the line, Guido Kaczka, celebrity host of “La Tribuna de Guido,” or “The Panel of Guido” on national television Channel 13, on Thursday evening during the live broadcast called for a surprise commercial break. The break came after contestant Lucas answered “Israel,” but went on to clarify that this is disputed “especially since the United States recently declared that Jerusalem is the capital.” His competition, Rocio, had previously guessed that the answer was Iran.

Kaczka, who is Jewish, announced the unscheduled commercial break, saying that the production team needed to consider the issue and determine the correct answer. [Read more…]