CIJA: Trudeau’s omission of Jews in Holocaust day statement unintended

(JTA) – The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs said it was satisfied that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s omission of Jews in a statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day was not deliberate.

The Toronto Sun reported that the Jan. 27 statement, which caused a firestorm on news websites and social media for failing to mention Jews in reference to the Nazi genocide, was an incorrect draft issued in error. The same day, the Prime Minister’s Office put out a tweet linking to his statement and citing the importance of fighting anti-Semitism. [Read more…]


Fugitive rabbi’s followers issue death threat against South Africa’s chief rabbi

(JTA) – The followers of an Israeli rabbi who has been on the run to avoid extradition back to Israel on sex abuse charges reportedly made a death threat against the chief rabbi of South Africa.

Followers of Rabbi Eliezer Berland believe the chief rabbi, Warren Goldstein, tipped off police to his Johannesburg location and have called for Goldstein’s death under the “din rodef” provision in Jewish law that allows the killing of a person who is out to kill them, including by informing, the Johannesburg Sunday Times reported. [Read more…]


Court adds to prison terms for arsonists of Jewish-Arab school

JERUSALEM (JTA) – Israel’s Supreme Court added to the prison sentences of two brothers who pleaded guilty to an arson attack on a Jewish-Arab school in Jerusalem.

On Sunday, the sentences for Nahman and Shalom Twitto, 18 and 22, respectively, were each increased by eight months in response to an state appeal of what the state viewed as lenient sentences handed down in July. Nahman Twitto had been sentenced to 2 years and his brother 2 1/2 years, as well as some financial reparations. [Read more…]


New immigrant, 17, from Brooklyn stabbed in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM (JTA) – A 17-year-old New Yorker who reportedly left his family six weeks ago to serve in the Israeli army was stabbed in the back in Jerusalem.

The haredi Orthodox teen, from Brooklyn, was stabbed Saturday evening just outside the Old City, next to the Damascus Gate, shortly after praying at the Western Wall, according to reports. He was lightly wounded and treated at Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus. [Read more…]


Three Israeli soldiers wounded in West Bank shooting by Palestinian police officer

(JTA) – A Palestinian Authority police officer opened fire on Israeli soldiers in the West Bank, wounding three, before being shot dead by a soldier.

One soldier was in serious condition following the attack Sunday near Beit El, another was in moderate to serious condition and another was lightly injured, according to reports. The Israeli military confirmed all the injured men are soldiers. [Read more…]


Netanyahu: French threat to recognize Palestinian state undermines peace initiative

JERUSALEM (JTA) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said a French threat to recognize a Palestinian state if an international peace conference under Paris’ auspices fails is “an incentive for the Palestinians to come and not compromise.”

“We are prepared to enter into direct negotiations without preconditions and without dictated conditions,” Netanyahu said Sunday at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting. “The substance of negotiations is compromise and the French initiative, as it has been reported, in effect gives the Palestinians in advance reasons not to do so.” [Read more…]


Non-Orthodox, Diaspora leaders and Netanyahu praise Western Wall compromise

JERUSALEM (JTA) – A chorus of non-Orthodox and Diaspora leaders praised the landmark interdenominational compromise on the Western Wall.

The compromise will expand the wall’s egalitarian section and place it under the authority of a pluralist committee while solidifying haredi Orthodox control over the site’s traditional, Orthodox section. Women of the Wall, the women’s prayer group that holds monthly services in the Orthodox section, will move to the non-Orthodox section once the deal is implemented. [Read more…]