Iran blames ‘Zionist lobby’ for passage of new U.S. visa waiver law

(JTA) — Iran’s Foreign Ministry blamed supporters of Israel for a new U.S. visa waiver law that excludes Iranian citizens and visitors to Iran from visa-free travel to the United States.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hossein Jaber Ansari, told a televised news conference on Sunday that the measure, which allows visa-free travel to the United States for citizens of 38 countries, most in Europe, was passed “under pressure from the Zionist lobby and currents opposed to the JCPOA,” according to Reuters. [Read more…]


Israeli long-range interceptor missile passes test for the 1st time

“This was the first time Israel successfully hit a target at such elevations, essentially in space”

(JTA) — Israel’s defence ministry reported that its new interceptor system against long-range missiles successfully passed a test.

The trial of the Arrow 3 system was conducted Thursday morning, the Globes daily reported. In the test, projectiles simulating enemy missiles were launched from an airborne platform flying over the Mediterranean Sea toward the Israeli coastline. [Read more…]


Zuckerberg, in Facebook post, invokes Jewish heritage in support of Muslims

“As a Jew, my parents taught me that we must stand up against attacks on all communities”

(JTA) — Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg extended his support to the Muslim community in the United States and around the world, invoking his Jewish heritage.

The support in a Facebook post came Wednesday in the wake of Republican presidential contender Donald Trump’s call for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” Zuckerberg does not specifically mention Trump. [Read more…]


Vatican: Catholic Church must not try to convert Jews

ROME (JTA) — The Vatican says the Catholic Church must not try to convert Jews to Christianity.

Instead, the Catholic Church must work with Jews and Jewish institutions to further dialogue and mutually understand and fight anti-Semitism, according to the Vatican, which pledged “to do all that is possible with our Jewish friends to repel anti-Semitic tendencies.” [Read more…]