Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Message on the occasion of Jewish Heritage Month

Premier Kathleen Wynne

Premier Kathleen Wynne

May 2015

On behalf of the Government of Ontario, I am delighted to extend warm wishes to our Jewish community as you celebrate Ontario Jewish Heritage Month.

Since the late 1700s, Jewish people have been coming to Canada to build new lives, find economic opportunities, and enjoy freedom of religious and cultural expression. Through your solidarity, strength and resilience, you overcame tremendous obstacles and flourished. Ontario is proud to be home to a dynamic Jewish Canadian community, a community that has contributed much to our prosperity, culture and quality of life.

Ontario Jewish Heritage Month is an opportunity to remember, celebrate and educate future generations about the vital role that Jewish Canadians have played, and continue to play, in communities across Ontario.

I wish everyone a memorable celebration of Jewish culture and achievement.

Kathleen Wynne



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