1. Dani Schwartz says

    Mira Sucharov wants the vote for the Palestinians in the territories. Well, they do have the vote in Palestinian elections. As she should recall Abbas was elected to a 4 year term in 2005 but has refused to hold new elections since. That means he is 10 or 11 years into his 4 year term. Maybe Mira should blame the Palestinian Authority for their lack of democracy instead of always blaming Israel for everything.

    • Mira Sucharov says

      Hi Dani, good point about the Palestinian Authority elections being years delayed. That is indeed very true, and something I track closely when I write my annual reports on the state of Palestinian democracy for Freedom House. There’s one caveat, though: despite Palestinians having the right to vote for their own leaders in the form of the Palestinian Authority, the Israeli military still retains overall control over the area: they can re-enter even Area C at will. Hence my overall point that Palestinians are governed ultimately by a military whose government they have not elected.

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