1. Michael silverman says

    I find it unusual that the chair of this committee seems to be already pre judging its conclusion by the quote provided. I also question the criteria by which members of the community were selected to sit on this committee as some of them have already indicated publically their preference for a Jewish high school. The whole point of this task force was to investigate the viability of a Jewish high school, not go into the task force already making what seem like conclusions. As a contributing member of the Ottawa Jewish community to funding federation I want assurances that the approach of this task force is neutral given that there are already options for Jewish high school education in the city such as Torah High. Michael Silverman

    • David Roytenberg says

      Michael, with all due respect to Torah high, which does great work, it is no substitute for full day Jewish high school. While I agree that any future Jewish high school must be sustainable, I don’t personally see what is controversial about saying, as Ron Prehogan does that “From a community point of view, the future of our community rests on having a vibrant Jewish high school.” If we fail in the long term to find a way to offer a sustainable full day Jewish High School, which is the situation faced by Ottawa Jewish students entering ninth and tenth grade this fall, then our community’s future will be diminished and our ability to educate our children about Judaism will be impaired. It might happen, if the task force fails, but it is not the desirable outcome.

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