1. Sandie and Leo Lazare says

    Dear Aki,
    We are so proud of you. Your ever ready smile and helping hand is what makes you unique. You have enriched so many people’s lives. Bless you Aki. We are fortunate to know you.
    Kindest regards,
    Sandie and Leo Lazare
    C11- 111 Echo Drive

  2. Andrea Gumpert says

    We too are so honoured to know and be known by you Aki. We are thrilled that you have been recognized in this manner. Congratulations!
    Andrea, David, Emanuel (“the Professor”), Florian our our Petit Prince Etienne.

  3. Gladys and Mark Zarecki and Families says

    From the minute we heard you were to receive this honor,
    we felt there was not a finer person than you deserving of this recognition;
    For giving of yourself selflessly and amicably, with a smile and a warm heart,
    as if the recipient of your kindness was actually doing you the honor and the favor.
    We love you, EG, and Sarah, our friends, our neighbors, our caring brethren,
    and for always a family we can count on lighten our burdens and share our joys.
    Thank you for being a light onto the nations, and a pride for our community.

  4. Mark Gray says

    It is an honour to know you and a pleasure to work with you. Good job, well deserved.

    Mark & Sue Gray

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