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  1. Raymond Stern says

    Knowing Sussanah and Jonathan so well I was interested what kind of conclusion they
    would arrive at. I was hoping for something to give hope, something which will help to
    move forward to a solution to the Palestnian/Isreali predicament. Instead however I
    felt disturbed that nothing of this kind emerged. This is by no means meant to be a
    critisism of their perception and sensibilities – quite the opposite. Rather it is for me an indication of the sense of hopelessness with the situation ……

    It seems to me to a classic conflict of sensibilities, between on the one hand (Palestinian)
    a feeling of injustice and cruelty, and on the other hand (Isreali) the understandable basic
    need for survival and protection. How to reconcile these two opposing concerns? I can’t help
    it reminding me of the Apartheid conflict in South Africa which at the time people generally
    came to the same conclusion as for Israel/Palestine – there will never be peace, it’s an impossible situation to solve (I do of course realise there are big differences between the two).
    But in spite of the word “never”, it was resolved (to a point). How? Well it started by women
    on both sides rising up in protest against the cruel injustices and was then taken over by one
    person – a leader and a visionary (Mandela) – who saw his way through the fog. He dealt with
    the situation with humility but dogged determination, the basic magic being to genuinely respect the cultural differences on both sides. Respect is maybe the only thing in the world
    which cannot be bought. It is as powerful a “weapon” as fear. The gigantic difference is however it is a positive “weapon”, rather than a negative weapon “fear”. Until there is a semblance of respect for Palestinians to Israelis and for Israelis to Palestinians I see no hope.
    Potentially respect can come out of talking to each other, trying to understand each other which is what Sussanah and Jonathan suggest ……. sincerely – Raymond

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