Foreign affairs minister visits Great Synagogue of Paris

Nicholson at Great Synagogue

(PARIS) – Foreign Affairs Minister Rob Nicholson visits the Great Synagogue of Paris during a trip to France today. Nicholson (centre) is seen with the synagogue’s Rabbi Moshe Sebbag (right) and Joël Merghi, chair of the Central Consistory of France.

As they toured the synagogue, they discussed the recent and tragic attacks against the Jewish communities in France and Denmark and the importance of continuing to denounce anti-Semitism, and any of its modern incarnations. Nicholson also reiterated the Canadian government’s support for freedom of religion, including through the Office of Religious Freedom.

“Canada will continue to protect religious minorities under threat and advocate on their behalf,” said Nicholson. “We will continue to oppose religious hatred and intolerance and promote Canadian values of pluralism and tolerance at home and abroad.”


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