Canada welcomes EU decision to appeal court ruling on Hamas

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, in Israel yesterday, issued the following statement commending the European Union’s decision to appeal the December 17, 2014, ruling of the General Court, within the Court of Justice of the EU, that Hamas be removed from the EU’s list of terrorist organizations:

“Canada welcomes the EU’s decision to appeal the General Court ruling. Hamas indisputably remains a terrorist organization and is listed as a terrorist entity under the Criminal Code of Canada. Hamas poses an ever-present and indiscriminate threat to the daily lives of Israeli citizens, residents and visitors, and to the lives of Palestinians.

“We are pleased that this remedial action has been taken, and we encourage the EU to continue to take all necessary steps during this appeal process to ensure Hamas remains on the EU’s list of terrorist organizations.

“With the recent events in Paris and Brussels, it is all the more important that Canada and the EU remain vigilant in the face of global terrorism and that we continue to work closely together to combat this common threat.”


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