1. David Kardish says

    The focus group can not resolve the biggest problem which is the ready supply of merchandise on a daily basis. You can not have weekly or biweekly shipping dates with unfilled supply. It does not solve customer demand to have chicken come in one day,briskets another and turkeys sometime. You need to sell from full shelves at the times customers want to buy…not at times the store can get product. If you want to sell from the ready made section then implement a sampling program such as Costco uses. The point of sale points should have weekly specials advertised and be well stocked. The important part of any business plan is to cater to the customers you serve…..so in Ottawa you need a local “specialty” boutique focus that emphasizes not only adequate supply but service…,you must be willing to skin chickens ,cut into eighths,etc.,
    What works in Toronto or Montreal is not a guarantee of success in Ottawa but you can not sell from empty meat shelves and tell customers to keep coming back.


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