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  1. Iain MacLean says

    I am reminded of the differences between Israel and its neighbours in the atmosphere and attitude of the people at this shiva. There are no cries of revenge or streets running with blood, or of casting their neighbours into the sea, rather there is an air of hope for the future.

    Just over thirty years ago I stood on the border between Israel and Lebanon when the rocket attacks on Israel were coming from Lebanon.

    When one cast one’s eyes into Lebanon the scene was one of scrub land, unpaved roads, dried out pasture, rancid pools and abject poverty amongst the inhabitants. It appeared as if nothing had progressed since the Ottomans ruled.

    When one turned and looked into the valleys below in Israel the vista was green with banana plantations, groves of vegetables, irrigation canals, paved roads travelled by prosperous hard working Sabras and immigrants.

    The contrast in attitude, leadership, education and the belief of the rights of the individual between the two areas was and remains blatantly evident.

    One need not be a Jew, or Christian, or Muslim to recognize this, it is a clear example of the difference between good and evil in its simplest sense. I only wish I knew of a way to change the attitudes of Israel’s neighbours.

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