Jewish Federation of Ottawa creates Israel Crisis Fund


Please Consider a Gift to the Israel Crisis Fund

In the wake of unrelenting rocket attacks into Southern Israel, Operation Protective Edge was launched on July 7 with the goal of terminating the rocket assault raining down on Israel from Gaza, putting over four million citizens in danger. For citizens in the affected regions of the country, the situation is intolerable – children have nowhere to be with summer camps cancelled, businesses are closed and the emotional stress of constant bombardment is taking a tremendous toll. 40,000 Israelis have been mobilized for reserve duty, leaving behind jobs and families.

The Jewish Federation of Ottawa, along with all other North American Federations, received an urgent request for relief funds. Our Israeli partners have identified immediate needs of $10M, from which $1.5M is expected to come from Federations in Canada.

We are therefore opening an Israel Crisis Fund to assist beleaguered Israelis under rocket fire.

Your donation to the Israel Crisis Fund will help address immediate needs along with other infrastructure needs that have become apparent. 100% of all funds will be directed to meet the most pressing needs to include:

  • Helping relocate Israel’s children – and her elderly – to safer parts of the country, away from the danger zone.
  • Providing (for those unable to relocate), much needed special assistance to vulnerable populations, including the disabled under fire.
  • Improving existing bomb shelter facilities to accommodate the frequent night-time visits and high summer temperatures, to say nothing of the trauma.
  • Continuing to support for the Fund for Victims of Terror, which is quickly being depleted.
  • Addressing wide-spread trauma issues affecting Israelis. There has been a 150% increase in those seeking help for shock and anxiety.
  • Supporting communal resilience in cities and towns that are under constant threat.

If the situation escalates further and we are confronted with a prolonged war effort, the Jewish Federation of Ottawa and its national partners are committed to ensuring that the citizens of Israel have the necessary support during these difficult times. We will continue to monitor the fluid situation over the hours, days and weeks ahead, and be in touch with you should circumstances require us to intensify our efforts.
Your support is greatly needed and sincerely appreciated. Please consider a gift.

We know that you join us in praying that the objectives of Operation Protective Edge will be achieved, and achieved as quickly as possible.



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