Bob Dylan does Purim

Purim In The Heart is the new holiday-themed release from Bob Dylan, the legendary folk-rock singer-songwriter.

Over the course of a career that has lasted more than a half-century, Dylan has continuously confounded and sometimes annoyed both devoted fans and puzzled critics with his abrupt changes in direction. He’s gone back and forth from acoustic folk to electric rock ‘n’ roll, from socially-conscious protest songs to navel-gazing songs in the key of ‘me,’ and from nice Jewish boy to born-again Christian evangelist to Chabadnik.

In 2009, fans and critics were baffled when he released Christmas In The Heart, an album of Christmas songs. The fans and critics settled down when it was pointed out that “White Christmas,” the most popular Christmas song of all time, was written by Irving Berlin, a Jewish songwriter, and that there was a long-standing tradition of Jewish performers such as Neil Diamond, Barbra Streisand, even Peter, Paul and Mary (one-third Jewish) releasing Christmas albums.

Now, in what may be Dylan’s most confusing turn ever, he has rewritten his Christmas album for Purim.

The song list for Purim In The Heart includes:

Here Comes Queen Esther

Do You What I Hear (It’s a Gragger)

Winter Wonderland (unchanged because the weather this March is as bad as any December)

Hear the Shul Choir Sing

I’ll Be Home for Purim

Little Gragger Boy

The Purim Blues

Oh Come All Ye in Costumes

Have Yourself a Happy Little Purim

Must Be Mordechai

Haman Smells

The First Purim

Purim Island

The Purim Song

Our Little Town Loves Hamentaschen.

Visit to order your copy of Bob Dylan’s Purim In The Heart.

Happy Purim from the Ottawa Jewish Bulletin.



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