1. carole master says

    Anne was an inspiration to us all, a beautiful gift to everyone..Thank you Anne, You’ll always be in my heart, and my everyday message from you to “KEEP BUSY “. Your generosity , fund raising and raising your blessed family. You were a true WOMAN OF VALOUR
    you’re not here, but I know you’re at peace now, with wonderful memories, that you created.. you made a difference in this world. Thank you, Mummy…

  2. carole master says

    There was no one like you: you made a difference in the world…a true WOMAN OF VALOR” You gave and touched lives who needed.
    I know you’re still giving insperations, like the one I take seriously..”keep busy”. You raised a blessed family who will always and forever be close to you. I know you are at peace and review all your many joyful memories…I love you mummy..

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