1. Gabriella Goliger says

    Rabbi Garten has been an excellent leader and a wonderful teacher. Therefore, I’m very glad to hear he will continue to teach Torah and Judaism and I hope I can continue to study with him in the future. Congratulations on a retirement well deserved.

  2. Dr. Marvin Blauer says

    Mr. Bowman:

    My wife Cathy and I are sad to hear that Rabbi Garten will no longer be the “congregational rabbi” at Temple. He was the reason we became members of Temple and we are indebted to him for his teaching and personal friendship.

    We are not sure Rabbi Garten can ever be replaced. But the effort will apparently have to be made. It should be made carefully. The future of Temple depends on it.


  3. caroline hughes says

    I don’t know if you remember me but I visited you in your home in Toronto many years ago. My mother and your grandmother Fanny Garten were first cousins. My part of the family came to England whilst yours went to the US.

    If you ever find yourself in London do get in touch – I would love to see you again and to entertain you and your family in my apartment.

    With very best wishes

    Caroline Hughes (nee Saxon)

    P.S. My mother was a Tasher.

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